Confapi Digital Innovation Hub Confapi is part of the Italian national Industry 4.0 network.  It is a no profit organization which aims at supporting SMEs in implementing Industry 4.0 in order to  increase their competitiveness both nationally and internationally. Confapi Digital Innovation Hub Confapi has the task of spreading the culture, knowledge and enabling technologies, through a series of innovative activities and services aimed at the digital transformation of businesses, technology transfer, innovation and research. It is an important project for the entire system and affects all associations in the national territory. Confapi Digital Innovation Hub Confapi boasts partnerships with prestigious public and private entities operating in research and technology transfer (universities, innovation clusters, research centers, technology consortia), which have collaborative relationships with Confapi at national level and local level through territorial associations.

The main important activities of Confapi DIH are to:

· spread the culture and knowledge on Industry  4.0 technologies
· enhance the network and the sharing of experiences between entrepreneurs in the areas of digital transformation
· encourage collaboration between Small and Medium-sized Industries and local Research and Innovation networks
· support access to facilities and laboratories where companies can test technologies which have been introduced within the company
· Orient SMEs towards managerial training and qualified company staff
· Promote training courses on sector-specific advanced skills
· design and implement, in the domain of new technologies, services and higher, initial and continuous, open and remote training programs
· carry out training activities for entrepreneurs and managers on soft skills, with an interdisciplinary approach to digital transformation
· support entrepreneurs to evaluate digital marketing tools
· offer advice to companies to access facilitation measures to dedicate an intervention in the Enterprise 4.0 key.
· promote cooperation between the world of research (Competence Center, Universities, Research Centers, Innovative Companies, ...) and the world of SMEs
· support companies in the planning of Innovative Investments
· develop and maintain contacts and coordinate DIH Confapi's activities with other companies, research centers, consortia, associations, business networks, national and international bodies
· analyze and identify new business opportunities in the new technologies sector
· act as the reference center for the collection and dissemination of information and technical proposals in the interest of SMEs, of advanced technology products and services in the domain of new technologies
· organize seminars, conferences and other events at national and international level in the domain of technology, of a popular and / or educational nature, also with the aim of promoting the image of the company at national and international level